Hose Graceful Rock
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Our hoses are made in Scandinavia and in the highest of quality. This is due to its knitting-reinforcement around the inner tube which makes it pliable and non-kinking. The plastic surface is dirt-repellent and also UV-protected so that it is not bleached by the sun.
The length is 20 meters/65 feet and the weight is only 4 kg.
Our hoses are free from lead and cadmium which means that you can drink the water that comes out of it.

All our hoses, nozzles and wall mounts can be combined free at will.

The hoses comes with a guarantee of 3 years. warranty_x2

Our Gold Digger hose is part of the De Luxe collection which is new for this season. In direct sunlight this hose will shimmer like gold.

Which is your favorite? Black Swan, White Snake, Graceful Rock, Gold Digger, Candy Crush, Caribbean Kiss or Yellow Fellow?


  • UV-Protected
  • Reinforced for long durabillity
  • Made in Scandinavia
  • 20 meter long

Delbetalning från 6 SEK/månad.
(Klarna as a payment method is only available to Swedish customers)
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